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Archiveemacs-conf.tar.gzfiles for my emacs conf05 Dec 200027 k
Archiveepiwm-0.5.6.tar.gza window manager developped by myself14 Feb 2001106 k
Archiveformat_html-1.0.tar.gzscript to format code of html files18 Dec 20003 k
Archiveleonardo-devinci.tar.gzdrawings of Leonardo De Vinci08 Aug 20014724 k
Archivemp3format.tar.gzscript to format mp3 file name28 Oct 20012 k
Imagemanuscrit voyelle rimbaud.jpg05 Dec 200447 k
MusicIHaveADream.mp3Martin Luther King's famous speech19 Jan 20024770 k
Scriptlinks.phpsphp source of my link pages28 Sep 20011 k to manage debian rc scripts13 Sep 2001957
Scriptstuff.phpsthis php page source18 Jan 20034 k
Textcitations_greco-latines.txt07 Aug 20013 k